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We also specialize in Visitor Management Solutions for a wide variety of clientele.


School Security, and that of our children, is more important than ever. The TPASS Visitor Management System can allow schools to know instantaneously who should be allowed to visit, enter for a meeting, sign out a child and more. Our solution can send a text message to other guardians on the child’s contact list so everyone knows when the child has been signed out of school. The same solutions allow the school to manage their list of verified visitors, track COVID vaccination status, track staff attendance, flag unauthorized visitors, alert security and staff of visitor arrival/departure, and more.


Government facilities such as municipal buildings and police stations, have frequent turnover in their visitation as well. With an eye on security, TPASS Visitor Management System can help keep employees and guests safe from unwanted visitors and individuals unauthorized to be in government facilities. TPASS also offers biometric credentialing (facial recognition) that can be helpful to Police Departments and other law enforcement in addition to those mentioned above.


Recent events in 2020 and 2021 have led to a need for heightened security at hospitals and other healthcare facilities such as nursing homes and mental health facilities. TPASS is capable of tracking visitors and their vaccination status. Once a visitor is entered into the system, the visitor’s ID will tell security all they need to know to ensure that the staff and patients of your medical facility remain safe and protected from unauthorized visitors.


TPASS can also be used for security at office buildings, for time clock (clock in / clock out) purposes at manufacturing or other business facilities, and more. Options include drivers’ license / state ID readers, barcode scanners, and state-of-the-art facial recognition.

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