New Jersey Business Systems, Inc. is an end-to-end systems integrator specializing in the full range of networking, communications, computer services, customer service and support.

Industry expertise; staying in the forefront of technology; plus the ability to design, develop, and deliver the total solutions customers require in today’s competitive environment is what makes New Jersey Business Systems, Inc. the vendor of choice for New Jersey business, education, and government.

What can we do for you through information technology consulting?

It is with great pride we continue the tradition started in 1968 of delivering quality solutions to our customers in addressing their technical business requirements. Our primary focus is maintaining an outstanding level of customer satisfaction. Join the many clients that have partnered with New Jersey Business Systems, Inc. and used our solutions to improve performance, capture new markets, and enhance their bottom line.

Structured Cabling

  • Data, Voice, Audio/ Visual Cable I&D
  • Experts in Premise and Outside Plant Wiring
  • Fiber Optic Cabling, Termination, Splicing
  • Testing with Certified Documentation
  • Inter Building Data and Communications
  • Cable Management Design
  • Top Manufacturer’s Certifications
  • Highly trained IBEW Technicians
  • BICSI Credentialed Professionals

Wireless Services

  • Wireless Backhaul Design
  • Path Analysis and Site Surveys
  • Point to Point Solutions
  • Point to Multi Point Solutions
  • FCC License Coordination
  • FCC Licensed and Unlicensed Solutions
  • On Building and Tower Installation
  • Performance Testing
  • Tower Climbing –Safety Certified Professionals
  • Annual Maintenance

Network Rollout and Support Services

  • LAN WAN Design
  • Virtualized Server Deployment and Management
  • Switch and Router Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Performance Testing
  • Multi Location Deployment of Hardware and Applications
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support Services